Jeff King <> writes:

>> * jk/pack-bitmap (2013-11-18) 22 commits
>>  Borrows the bitmap index into packfiles from JGit to speed up
>>  enumeration of objects involved in a commit range without having to
>>  fully traverse the history.
> Looks like you picked up my latest re-roll with Ramsay's fix on top.
> There wasn't a lot of review on this past round (I'm not surprised; it's
> a dauntingly large chunk to review).  I outlined a few possible open
> issues in the cover letter, but I'd be happy to build those on top,
> which I think will make review of them a lot easier.
> Do we want to try this in 'next' post-1.8.5, or should I try to prod an
> area expert like Shawn into doing another round of review?

Hmm, maybe I missed something, but AFAICS you (or Vicent) never acted on
or responded to my June reviews in this thread:

and again mentioned here, though I didn't point out all of them:

Granted, the way I verified this was checking whether you renamed
rlw_xor_run_bit() to something more fitting, so perhaps you just forgot
that one thing but did all the rest.

Thomas Rast
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