Jeff King <> writes:

> Looks like you picked up my latest re-roll with Ramsay's fix on top.
> There wasn't a lot of review on this past round (I'm not surprised; it's
> a dauntingly large chunk to review).  I outlined a few possible open
> issues in the cover letter, but I'd be happy to build those on top,
> which I think will make review of them a lot easier.
> Do we want to try this in 'next' post-1.8.5, or should I try to prod an
> area expert like Shawn into doing another round of review?

Yes ;-).

I recall starting to read the series over and then got sidetracked
in the middle and never finishing.  I'll try to make time sometime
this weekend (we are still buried in boxes after the move, though,
so no promises) myself.

How close is this what you guys are running in production these
days, by the way?
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