Jeff King <> writes:

>> Hmm, maybe I missed something, but AFAICS you (or Vicent) never acted on
>> or responded to my June reviews in this thread:
>> Granted, the way I verified this was checking whether you renamed
>> rlw_xor_run_bit() to something more fitting, so perhaps you just forgot
>> that one thing but did all the rest.
> I didn't touch that. Vicent, did you have a comment on the name (it
> really does look like it is a negation, and the only caller is
> ewah_not).

Hmm, so it really was that one unlucky thing :-)

I don't have much to say on the area, but if you think it helps you I
can set aside some time RSN to review the second half of the series,
too.  Back in June I only looked at the first half.

Thomas Rast
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