Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Thomas Rast wrote:
>> This shuts up compiler warnings about unused functions.
> If that is the only goal, I think it would be cleaner to use
>       #define MAYBE_UNUSED __attribute__((__unused__))
>       static MAYBE_UNUSED void init_ ...
> like was done in the vcs-svn/ directory until cba3546 (drop obj_pool,
> 2010-12-13) et al.
> I haven't thought carefully about whether encouraging inlining here
> (or encouraging the reader to think of these functions as inline) is a
> good or bad change.


I actually had this idea after seeing the same trick in khash.h.  Is
__atribute__((__unused__)) universal?  If so, maybe we could apply the
same also to khash?  If not, I'd rather go with the inline.

Thomas Rast
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