Thomas Rast wrote:

> The clear_$slabname() function was only documented by source code so
> far.  Write something about it.

Good idea.

> --- a/commit-slab.h
> +++ b/commit-slab.h
> @@ -24,6 +24,10 @@
>   *   to each commit. 'stride' specifies how big each array is.  The slab
>   *   that id initialied by the variant without "_with_stride" associates
>   *   each commit with an array of one integer.
> + *
> + * - void clear_indegree(struct indegree *);
> + *
> + *   Free the slab's data structures.

Tense shift (previous descriptions were in the present tense, while
this one is in the imperative).

More importantly, this doesn't answer the questions I'd have if I were
in a hurry, which are what exactly is being freed (has the slab taken
ownership of any memory from the user, e.g. when elemtype is a
pointer?) and whether the slab needs to be init_ ed again.

Maybe something like the following would work?

        - void clear_indegree(struct indegree *);

          Empties the slab.  The slab can be reused with the same
          stride without calling init_indegree again or can be
          reconfigured to a different stride by calling

          Call this function before the slab falls out of scope to
          avoid leaking memory.

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