Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Thomas Rast wrote:
>> + *
>> + * - void clear_indegree(struct indegree *);
>> + *
>> + *   Free the slab's data structures.
> Tense shift (previous descriptions were in the present tense, while
> this one is in the imperative).
> More importantly, this doesn't answer the questions I'd have if I were
> in a hurry, which are what exactly is being freed (has the slab taken
> ownership of any memory from the user, e.g. when elemtype is a
> pointer?) and whether the slab needs to be init_ ed again.
> Maybe something like the following would work?

Ok, I see that while I was procrastinating, you sorted this out and
Junio merged it to next.

Thanks, both.

Thomas Rast
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