"W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:

> For
> safety, maybe the default `init` should copy *everything* into
> .git/config, after which users can remove stuff they'd like to
> delegate to .gitmodules.

Copying everything into config is "be unsafe and inconvenient by
default for everybody", isn't it?  Folks who want safety are forced
to inspect the resulting entries in their config file (which is more
inconvenent if you compare with the design where nothing is copied
and nothing dynamically defaults to what then-current .gitmodules
happens to contain).  Folks who trust those who update .gitmodules
for them are forced to update their config every time upstream
decides to use different settings in .gitmodules, because they have
stale values in their config that mask what are in .gitmodules.

I think the solution we want is to copy only minimum to the config
(and that "minimum" may turn out to be "nothing"), and to default
keys that are only absolutely safe to .gitmodules file.
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