Jens Lehmann wrote:
> Am 12.12.2013 02:16, schrieb Junio C Hamano:

>> I think the solution we want is to copy only minimum to the config
>> (and that "minimum" may turn out to be "nothing"), and to default
>> keys that are only absolutely safe to .gitmodules file.
> I agree and will prepare a patch for that.
> What about teaching "git submodule sync" the "--url", "--update",
> "--fetch", "--ignore", "--branch" and "--all" options to allow the
> user to copy the current settings he wants from .gitmodules to
> .git/config (but only safe values of course)?

Why would I want to copy settings to .git/config when they are safe
enough to already be used directly from .gitmodules and the value from
.gitmodules is the one chosen to make sense when working with the
current revision?

URLs are kind of special because generally the newest value is the
most meaningful one, even when looking back over old history.

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