Christian Couder <> writes:

> On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Karsten Blees <> 
> wrote:
>> Am 11.12.2013 08:46, schrieb Christian Couder:
>>> +enum repl_fmt { SHORT, MEDIUM, FULL };
>> SHORT is predefined on Windows, could you choose another name?
> Ok, I will change to:
> enum repl_fmt { SHORT_FMT, MEDIUM_FMT, FULL_FMT };

What are these for in the first place?  Your "SHORT" conflicting
with something totally unrelated is a sign that you should be naming
them in a way that is more specific to your use.  SHORT_FMT is still
not specific enough to tell what they are for.  With SHOW_REPLACE_
prefix, perhaps?  Also perhaps give characterization better than
their output lengths?

My quick read of show_reference() tells me that they are "name
only", "name and value", and something else that does not seem
very useful unless you are debugging.
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