Roman Kagan wrote:

> Subversion serf backend in versions 1.8.5 and below has a bug that the
> function creating the descriptor of a file change -- add_file() --
> doesn't make a copy of its third argument when storing it on the
> returned descriptor.  As a result, by the time this field is used (in
> transactions of file copying or renaming) it may well be released, and
> the memory reused.
> One of its possible manifestations is the svn assertion triggering on an
> invalid path, with a message
> svn_fspath__skip_ancestor: Assertion `svn_fspath__is_canonical(child_fspath)' 
> failed.

Makes sense.  Perhaps also worth mentioning that this is fixed by
r1553376, but no need to reroll just for that.

> Cc: Benjamin Pabst <>
> Cc: Eric Wong <>
> Cc: Jonathan Nieder <>

No need for these lines --- the mail header already keeps track of who
is being cc-ed.

> Signed-off-by: Roman Kagan <>

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <>

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