Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>  - git used to only use TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY to decide where test
>    results go.  You'd have to use --root to set a custom location for
>    trash directories.
>  - in that old setup, t0000 leaves around extra trash directories with
>    --root, since the sub-tests inherit the parent test's $root and put
>    trash directories there.

Nope, since sub-tests are run with fork + exec, which loses $root...

>  - after 38b074d, that old problem still exists and furthermore
>    t0000 leaves around extra trash directories even when --root is not
>    in use, since the sub-tests inherit the value of
>    TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY from the parent test.

... meaning the TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY problem is the only problem....

>  - this patch fixes the TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY problem (but not the $root
>    problem) by setting TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY explicitly
> Does that sound right?  If so, should sub-tests unset $root, too?

... and there's no need to 'unset root'.

So the patch itself looks right.  I think describing the symptoms up
front would probably be enough to make the commit message less
confusing to read.

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