On 02.01.2014 18:33, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

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On Linux, we can get away with assuming that the directory separator is a
forward slash, but that is wrong in general. For that purpose, the
is_dir_sep() function was introduced a long time ago. By using it in
safe_create_leading_directories(), we proof said function for use on
platforms where the directory separator is different from Linux'.
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While I'd be fine with this, I do not think we really need it. As you say, is_dir_sep() has been introduced a long time ago, so people should be aware of it, and it should also be immediately clear from the diff why using it is better than hard-coding '/'.

That said, I see any further explanations on top of the commit message title is an added bonus, and as "just" a bonus a link to a pull request should be fine. You don't need to understand or appreciate the concept of pull requests in order to follow the link and read the text in there.

Sebastian Schuberth

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