On 02.01.2014 19:18, John Keeping wrote:

That said, I see any further explanations on top of the commit message
title is an added bonus, and as "just" a bonus a link to a pull request
should be fine. You don't need to understand or appreciate the concept
of pull requests in order to follow the link and read the text in there.

The commit message serves as an historical record of why a change was
made; depending on an external service to provide this information when
it can quite easily be included in the commit itself lessens the value
of the commit message.

Sure. My point just was that IMHO the commit does not *depend* on the information provided in the link; for me the commit was simply self-evident, and I just added link as optional information, not to replace any inline text that I would have written otherwise.

Sebastian Schuberth
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