2014/1/3 Francesco Pretto <cez...@gmail.com>:
> Concluding, my point is that at the current state submodules in git
> seem to be flawed because of the inconsistent HEAD state between "add"
> and "update" users. With my patch applied the attached HEAD behavior
> would be fully supported. At some point "git submodule add" (without
> the "--attached" switch) could be also modified to produce a detached
> HEAD by default, removing any remaining inconsistency.

Also consider that ultimately my desired behavior for submodules is
the following:
1) I'd like cloning users to have an attached HEAD by default when
doing "git submodule update";
2) when using an attached HEAD, I'd like "git submodule update" to
also imply "--remote".

An alternative approach would be, for example, make "git submodule
update" honor the current documentation about the behavior of "merge"
and "rebase" update operations, if confirmed to be wrong, really
keeping the HEAD attached. That would be a breaking change, but at
least it would reflect currently documented behavior. I prefer my
original approach, because it adds more feasibility and it's not
breaking in the short time, but I'm open to that and other solutions.

Please let me know, what do you think about it.

Thank you,
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