Thanks for adding your contribute. My comments below:

2014/1/3 W. Trevor King <>:
> The previous code only checked out the requested branch in cmd_add.
> This commit moves the branch-checkout logic into module_clone, where
> it can be shared by cmd_add and cmd_update.  I also update the initial
> checkout command to use 'rebase' to preserve branches setup during
> module_clone.
> [...]
> @@ -306,7 +307,14 @@ module_clone()
>         echo "gitdir: $rel/$a" >"$sm_path/.git"
>         rel=$(echo $a | sed -e 's|[^/][^/]*|..|g')
> -       (clear_local_git_env; cd "$sm_path" && GIT_WORK_TREE=. git config 
> core.worktree "$rel/$b")
> +       (
> +               clear_local_git_env
> +               cd "$sm_path" &&
> +               GIT_WORK_TREE=. git config core.worktree "$rel/$b" &&
> +               if test -n "$branch"; then
> +                       git checkout -f -q -B "$branch" "origin/$branch" && 
> echo "checked out $branch"
> +               fi
> +       ) || die "$(eval_gettext "Unable to setup cloned submodule 
> '\$sm_path'")"
>  }

If I understand it correctly, looking at your intervention in
module_clone and cmd_update, when "submodule.<module>.branch" is set
during "update" the resulting first clone will always be a branch
checkout (cause $branch is filled with "branch" property). I believe
this will break a lot of tests, as the the documentation says that in
this configuration the HEAD should be detached. Also it could break
some users that rely on the current behavior.
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