From: "W. Trevor King" <>

The previous code only checked out the requested branch in cmd_add.
This commit moves the branch-checkout logic into module_clone, where
it can be shared by cmd_add and cmd_update.  I also update the initial
checkout command to use 'rebase' to preserve branches setup during

Signed-off-by: W. Trevor King <>
Changes since v1:
* Fix a 'reqested' -> 'requested' typo in the subject/summary.
* Restore a post-clone 'git checkout -f -q' for the empty-branch case
  in module_clone().
* Distinguish between $branch (which defaults to 'master') and a new
  $config_branch (which defaults to empty) in cmd_update

After these fixes, all the existing submodule tests pass.  If we want
to merge this, we'd still want new tests that demonstrate the new

On Sun, Jan 05, 2014 at 04:53:12AM +0100, Francesco Pretto wrote:
> If I understand it correctly, looking at your intervention in
> module_clone and cmd_update, when "submodule.<module>.branch" is set
> during "update" the resulting first clone will always be a branch
> checkout (cause $branch is filled with "branch" property).

That's correct.

> I believe this will break a lot of tests,

Thanks for prompting me to run the tests.  This v2 now passes all of
the current submodule tests, and the functionality actually matches my
earlier descriptions of it ;).

> as the the documentation says that in this configuration the HEAD
> should be detached.

The current Documentation/git-submodule.txt has:

    Update the registered submodules, i.e. clone missing submodules
    and checkout the commit specified in the index of the containing
    repository.  This will make the submodules HEAD be detached unless
    `--rebase` or `--merge` is specified or the key
    `submodule.$name.update` is set to `rebase`, `merge` or `none`.

It's not clear if this refers to the initial-clone update, future
post-clone updates, or both.  Ideally, the behavior should be the
same, but in the initial-clone case we don't have an existing
checked-out branch to work with.

> Also it could break some users that rely on the current behavior.

The current code always has a detached HEAD after an initial-clone
update, regardless of submodule.<name>.update, which doesn't match
those docs either.  Adding a check to only checkout
submodule.<name>.branch if submodule.<name>.update was 'rebase',
'merge', or 'none' would be easy, but I don't think that makes much
sense.  I can't see any reason for folks who specify
submodule.<name>.branch to prefer a detached HEAD over a local branch
matching the remote branch's name.  If they prefer checkout updates,
the first such update will return them to a detached HEAD.  If they
prefer merge/rebase updates, future updates will keep them on the same
branch.  All my commit does is setup that initial branch for folks who
get the submodule via 'update', in the same way it's currently setup
for folks who get the submodule via 'add'.

Trevor | 34 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 1 file changed, 20 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ b/
index 2979197..167d4fa 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -253,6 +253,7 @@ module_clone()
+       branch="$6"
        if test -n "$GIT_QUIET"
@@ -306,7 +307,15 @@ module_clone()
        echo "gitdir: $rel/$a" >"$sm_path/.git"
        rel=$(echo $a | sed -e 's|[^/][^/]*|..|g')
-       (clear_local_git_env; cd "$sm_path" && GIT_WORK_TREE=. git config 
core.worktree "$rel/$b")
+       (
+               clear_local_git_env
+               cd "$sm_path" &&
+               GIT_WORK_TREE=. git config core.worktree "$rel/$b" &&
+               case "$branch" in
+               '') git checkout -f -q ;;
+               ?*) git checkout -f -q -B "$branch" "origin/$branch" ;;
+               esac
+       ) || die "$(eval_gettext "Unable to setup cloned submodule 
@@ -469,16 +478,7 @@ Use -f if you really want to add it." >&2
                                echo "$(eval_gettext "Reactivating local git 
directory for submodule '\$sm_name'.")"
-               module_clone "$sm_path" "$sm_name" "$realrepo" "$reference" 
"$depth" || exit
-               (
-                       clear_local_git_env
-                       cd "$sm_path" &&
-                       # ash fails to wordsplit ${branch:+-b "$branch"...}
-                       case "$branch" in
-                       '') git checkout -f -q ;;
-                       ?*) git checkout -f -q -B "$branch" "origin/$branch" ;;
-                       esac
-               ) || die "$(eval_gettext "Unable to checkout submodule 
+               module_clone "$sm_path" "$sm_name" "$realrepo" "$reference" 
"$depth" "$branch" || exit
        git config submodule."$sm_name".url "$realrepo"
@@ -787,7 +787,8 @@ cmd_update()
                name=$(module_name "$sm_path") || exit
                url=$(git config submodule."$name".url)
-               branch=$(get_submodule_config "$name" branch master)
+               config_branch=$(get_submodule_config "$name" branch)
+               branch="${config_branch:-master}"
                if ! test -z "$update"
@@ -815,7 +816,7 @@ Maybe you want to use 'update --init'?")"
                if ! test -d "$sm_path"/.git -o -f "$sm_path"/.git
-                       module_clone "$sm_path" "$name" "$url" "$reference" 
"$depth" || exit
+                       module_clone "$sm_path" "$name" "$url" "$reference" 
"$depth" "$config_branch" || exit
@@ -861,7 +862,12 @@ Maybe you want to use 'update --init'?")"
                        case ";$cloned_modules;" in
                                # then there is no local change to integrate
-                               update_module= ;;
+                               if test -n "$config_branch"; then
+                                       update_module="!git reset --hard -q"
+                               else
+                                       update_module=
+                               fi
+                               ;;

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