2014/1/7 Francesco Pretto <cez...@gmail.com>:
> To not break the existing behavior what it's really needed here, IMO,
> is a "submodule.<name>.attached" property that says two things:
> - at the first clone on "git submodule update" stay attached to
> "submodule.<name>.branch";
> - implies "--remote", as it's the only thing that makes sense when the
> submodules are attached.

Unless you decide to go with the proposed approach of Trevor, where
"submodule.<name>.branch" set means attached (if it's not changed:
this thread is quite hard to follow...). To this end, Junio could sync
with more "long-timers" (Heiko?) submodule users/devs to understand if
this breaks too much or not.
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