From: "Junio C Hamano" <>
I think we already use a nicer way to set up a page alias to keep
old links working than making a copy in Documentation/; please mimic
that if possible.

This was mainly about ensuring that the 'git help' command could access these extra extra guides that it currently misses. (Tt also misses the 'user-manual', which isn't a man page, but could have a link page to guide the seeker of truth between 'git help' and the actual user-manual)

The only method I can see for that (via help.c) is to get the filename format correct. Where you thinking of something else?

It may be overdue to refresh the suggested set of "top 20" commands,
as things have vastly changed over the past 8 years.  Perhaps we
should do that after reorganizing with something like this series.



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