From: "Junio C Hamano" <>
"Philip Oakley" <> writes:

From: "Junio C Hamano" <>
I think we already use a nicer way to set up a page alias to keep
old links working than making a copy in Documentation/; please mimic
that if possible.

This was mainly about ensuring that the 'git help' command could
access these extra extra guides that it currently misses. (Tt also
misses the 'user-manual', which isn't a man page, but could have a
link page to guide the seeker of truth between 'git help' and the
actual user-manual)

The only method I can see for that (via help.c) is to get the filename
format correct.  Where you thinking of something else?

I do not have an objection against the creation of giteveryday.txt;
I was questioning the way the original everyday.txt was left behind
to bit-rot.  It is good to keep _something_ there, because there may
be old URLs floating around that point at Documentation/everyday.txt,
but the contents of that file does not have to be a stale copy.

Ah, OK. I had indicated it would be deprecated, but had resisted stating a date for deletion (e.g. git 2.0).

I was thinking of a moderate two step deprecation period with the next step being a severely cut down residual stub, before it's removal.

Cf. bd4a3d61 (Rename {git- => git}remote-helpers.txt, 2013-01-31)
for how we renamed git-remote-helpers.txt to gitremote-helpers.txt

I'll have a look at re-using that approach.

Anything else needed before a re-roll?


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