Am 16.01.2014 22:14, schrieb Philip Oakley:
> From: "Stefan Näwe" <>
> [...]
>> I'd really like to see 'git help relnotes' working as well...
>> Stefan
> Stefan,
> Were you thinking that all the release notes would be quoted verbatim in 
> the one long man page?
> Or that it would be a set of links to each of the individual text files 
> (see the ifdef::stalenotes[] in git/Documentation/git.txt)?
> The latter allows individual release notes to be checked, but still 
> leaves folks with a difficult search problem if they want to find when 
> some command was 'tweaked'.
> Obviously, any method would need to be easy to maintain. And the 
> RelNotes symlink would need handling.

'git help relnotes' should show the current release note with
a link to the previous.

And 'git help git' should link to the current release note.

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