Philip Oakley wrote:

> The "Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So" guide is not accessible
> via the git help system. Fix that.

Neat. :)

Junio covered everything I'd want to say about patch 1/6.

After fixing that, I'd suggest squashing all 6 patches into a single
patch.  They all are part of accomplishing the same task, they are not
too hard to read together, and the intermediate state after applying a
few but not the rest doesn't make much sense.  The details of patches
2-6/6 look good to me.

Alternatively, this could be two patches:

 1 - modify everyday.txt in place to be a suitable manpage
 2 - rename it, add a placeholder for the old name, and modify the
     build rules to treat it as an actual manpage

Hope that helps,
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