Jeff King wrote:

> I think it was a bug waiting to surface if index v4 ever got wide use.

Ah, ok.

In that case I think git-compat-util.h should include something like
what block-sha1/sha1.c has:

        #if !defined(__i386__) && !defined(__x86_64__) && \
            !defined(_M_IX86) && !defined(_M_X64) && \
            !defined(__ppc__) && !defined(__ppc64__) && \
            !defined(__powerpc__) && !defined(__powerpc64__) && \
            !defined(__s390__) && !defined(__s390x__)
        #define NEEDS_ALIGNED_ACCESS

Otherwise we are relying on the person building to know their own
architecture intimately, which shouldn't be necessary.

Meanwhile, as mentioned in the other message, I suspect the
NEEDS_ALIGNED_ACCESS code path is broken for aggressive compilers
anyway.  Looking more.

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