Jeff King wrote:

>                                                              If we
> change the signature of align_ntohl, we can do this:
>   uint32_t align_ntohl(void *ptr)
>   {
>           uint32_t x;
>           memcpy(x, ptr, sizeof(x));
>           return ntohl(x);
>   }
>   ...
>   foo = align_ntohl(ptr);
> The memcpy solution is taken from read-cache.c, but as we noted, it
> probably hasn't been used a lot. The blk_sha1 get_be may be faster, as
> it converts as it reads.

I doubt there's much difference either way, especially after an
optimizer gets its hands on it.  According to [1] ARM has no fast
byte swap instruction so with -O0 the byte-at-a-time implementation is
probably faster there.  I can try a performance test if you like.


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