Nemina Amarasinghe <> writes:

> Nemina Amarasinghe <neminaa <at>> writes:
> Sorry for the first patch. Something went wrong. This is the correct one

Please, re-read Documentation/SubmittingPatches. In short, don't inline
patch headers and don't forget the sign-off.

> Subject: [PATCH] simplified the chain if() statements of
>  install_brach_config() function in branch.c

Keep the subject line short (ideally <50 characters), and avoid past
tense. We usually use imperative (the patch asks the codebase to
refactor itself => "simplify if statements ...". We usually prefix the
subject line with the place/subsystem where the change is done =>
"branch.c: simplify if ...".

> -             else if (!remote_is_branch && origin)
> -                     printf_ln(rebasing ?
> -                               _("Branch %s set up to track remote ref %s by 
> rebasing.") :
> -                               _("Branch %s set up to track remote ref %s."),
> -                               local, remote);
> -             else if (!remote_is_branch && !origin)
> +             else if (!remote_is_branch && (origin || !origin))

Is it me, or is (origin || !origin) a tautology?

Matthieu Moy
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