Nemina Amarasinghe <> writes:

>> > ((!remote_is_branch && origin) || (!remote_is_branch || !origin))
>> Is it?
>> The above is the same as (!remote_is_branch || !origin).  What you wrote
>> before is the same as (!remote_is_branch).
>> Maybe you should try copy&paste from the expressions you are trying to
>> combine to make sure that what you start with makes sense.
> OMG.. Really sorry for that... that was a silly mistake. 
> This is the one..
> ((!remote_is_branch && origin) || (!remote_is_branch && !origin))

That is, indeed, perfectly equivalent to (!remote_is_branch).  If you

(!remote_is_branch && (origin || !origin))

then you will have people (and possibly also the compiler) loudly
wondering about what you are trying to say here.  The suspicion would be
that either this is a result of a typo or is supposed to be an
annoyingly obtuse replacement for a
/* TODO: treat origin and !origin differently */
kind of comment.

David Kastrup
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