Chris Angelico <> writes:

> file. It doesn't really care about the full history, and wants to be
> reasonably fast (as the user is waiting for it). It's just a
> convenience, so correctness isn't a huge issue. The easiest way to
> keep it moving through quickly is to limit the search:
> $ git log ...other options... HEAD~100 some-file.pike
> The problem with this is that it doesn't work if HEAD doesn't have 100
> great-great-...-grandparents

Did you really mean that you are *not* interested in what happened
to the most recent 100 commits?  Or is it a typo of "HEAD~100.."?

"git log -100" should traverse from the HEAD and stop after showing
at most 100 items, even if you only had 20 in the history.
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