Here's a screenshot that shows the problem. There's always a misplaced
line in the output (most of the time a[href^=tel] { }), no matter
where in the file the changes are.
Sometimes it's even in the wrong position, above the @@ numbers.

I'd naturally expect the a[href^=tel] part to not show up at all
unless I make changes there.

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:49 PM, rocketscienc01100101 .
<> wrote:
> I tried to get a diff between HEAD and the current version of my
> project, so I did "git diff".
> It's a web project with a CSS file that contains the following CSS rule:
> a[href^=tel] {
>     color:inherit;
>     text-decoration:none;
> }
> Now, whenever I do "git diff", it will always show the a[href^=tel]
> part and mess up the output, even when I didn't change anything near
> that line. The problem is easily reproducable in a newly created
> repository.
> git --version
> git version 1.9.1
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