"rocketscienc01100101 ." <rocketscienc01100...@gmail.com> writes:

> http://i.imgur.com/BoJSjm9.png
> Here's a screenshot that shows the problem.

(better cut-and-paste the text than sending a PNG image)

> There's always a misplaced line in the output (most of the time
> a[href^=tel] { }), no matter where in the file the changes are.

The part after the @@ are ignored by patch tools. They are here just for
convenience. They are a guess of what the patch hunk belongs to. For
C/Java/Ada/... programs, it's the function name. Git does not know about
CSS syntax, so it guesses wrong (last line starting with a letter I
guess, not sure exactly what happens when Git doesn't know the syntax).

But don't worry, these are juste hints for human, they are harmless.

> Sometimes it's even in the wrong position, above the @@ numbers.

That is strange. Do you have a way to reproduce this?

Matthieu Moy
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