Ronald Weiss <> writes:

> On 14. 4. 2014 20:30, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Ronald Weiss <> writes:
>>> On 8. 4. 2014 20:43, Jens Lehmann wrote:
>>>>> Useful <when> values for commit are 'all' (default) or 'none'. The others
>>>>> ('dirty' and 'untracked') have same effect as 'none', as commit is only
>>>>> interested in whether the submodule's HEAD differs from what is commited
>>>>> in the superproject.
>>>> Unless it outputs a status message, then 'dirty' and 'untracked' do
>>>> influence what is shown there. Apart from that (and maybe tests for
>>>> these two cases ;-) this is looking good to me.
>>> OK, I updated the patch for commit to take that into account. Also, I
>>> rebased both patches onto current master. Sending them in a moment.
>>> If you don't have any more complaints, can I add "Acked-by: <you>" and
>>> resend the patches to Junio?
>> It is not "When I see no more complaints, I'll resend with your
>> Ack".  An Ack is a positive thing, not lack of discovery of further
>> issues.
> I'm really sorry if the tone of my message sounded harsh to you, it
> wasn't meant like that at all.

No, that wasn't harsh at all.  I just did not want to get a patch
with Acked-by with somebody's name on it, when there is not yet an
Ack, as that will confuse me greatly.  My mental bandwidth is not
wide enough to keep track of all the in-flight topics I haven't yet
picked up.

I should be the one to say sorry if my message sounded harsh.


>> Rather, it is more like "I'll wait for your Acks and then I'll
>> resend with your Ack", or "If they look good, reply with Ack and let
>> the maintainer pick them up".
> OK.
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