On 18. 4. 2014 14:09, Jens Lehmann wrote:
> Am 13.04.2014 00:49, schrieb Ronald Weiss:
>> Allow ignoring submodules (or not) by command line switch, like diff
>> and status do.
>> Git commit honors the 'ignore' setting from .gitmodules or .git/config,
>> but didn't allow to override it from command line.
>> This patch depends on Jens Lehmann's patch "commit -m: commit staged
>> submodules regardless of ignore config". Without it,
>> "commit -m --ignore-submodules" would not work and tests introduced
>> here would fail.
> Apart from the flags of the test (see below) I get three failures when
> running t7513. And I'm wondering why you are using "test_might_fail"
> there, shouldn't we know exactly if a commit should succeed or not
> and test exactly for that?

I used "test_might_fail" instead of "test_must_fail" to denote that this
test doesn't care whether "git commit" fails or not due to empty commit
message. I found it more appropriate. However, if you disagree, I can
change it to "test_must_fail", no problem for me.

Unfortunately I don't know why the test fails for you, they pass for me.
Did you apply it on top of your own patch for "commit -m", which is
a prerequisite?

I tried it again, on top of current master (cc29195 [tag: v2.0.0-rc0]).
First, I have applied your patch from here:


On top of that, I applied my two patches, and the tests pass fine here.
Until now I was testing on Windows, but now I tested on a Linux box,
and that makes no difference.
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