On Sat, 19 Apr 2014, Heiko Voigt wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 05:18:50PM +0400, ma...@slonopotamus.org wrote:
> > I'm proud to announce WinGit:
> > an attempt to bring Git powers to 64-bit Windows.
> So the reason for this new package is that you need 64bit binaries?
> > Relationship with msysgit
> > =========================
> > 
> > Unlike msysgit, WinGit is a pure-Windows binary build with MSVC.

Marat, please do not add to the confusion. "msysGit" is the name of the
*development environment* for developing Git for Windows. It also brings
facilities to use MSVC instead of GCC.

So do not compare WinGit to msysgit (that would be like comparing Git to
GCC). Compare WinGit to Git for Windows (and clarify that you mean a
different WinGit than the old name of Git for Windows).

> > Like msysgit, WinGit also uses msys environment (sh/perl/etc) both
> > during build-time and runtime.

So it is not purely 64-bit, because MSys is not.

> I can see the need for a pure Windows solution (no msys tools at least for
> runtime). But this sounds to me that the only thing you changed is the
> compiler and 64bit? The git binaries in msysgit are already pure Windows
> binaries with no need of msys.dll. The only reason why so many other
> tools are shipped with msysgit is to run scripted commands (e.g. like
> gitk or rebase).
> What is the reason of using a closed source compiler? Why not use the
> 64bit mingw that is already used to build the 64bit explorer extension
> to package 64bit binaries along with the 32bit ones in the installer?
> Sorry if I am a little bit skeptic, but I am wondering whether it does
> make sense for you to join forces with msysgit instead of creating a
> fork? I think the main reason why there are no 64 bit binaries shipped
> with msysgit is that nobody needed them and the need to ship both (at
> least for some time).

We do have a facility to build 64-bit binaries with msysGit. It is even
dirt-easy: just run the two release scripts in /src/mingw-w64/, and then
build Git with "make W64=1".

The real reason why Git for Windows does not ship 64-bit binaries is that
they did not pass the test suite last time I tried.

And for the record: I would have welcome contributions to the Git for
Windows project. I still will. After all, there is no reason for yet
another fork.

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