Am 19.04.2014 15:35, schrieb Marat Radchenko:

>> So the reason for this new package is that you need 64bit
>> binaries?
> That's the most important bit. Plus, weird ssh transfer speeds [1]
> caused by ansient openssh bundled in msysgit.

Yes the msysgit openssh is ancient and slow. Openssh in mingGitDevEnv
has proper speeds, see [1].

> 1) outdated msys that was patched in multiple ways without sending patches 
> upstream
> 2) heavily patched git, again not upstreamed

You do realize how much work it is to send something upstream?
And in the case of mingw patches have been sent upstream which are still
either being reviewed or are just in a (presumably *very* long) queue.

>> Sorry if I am a little bit skeptic, but I am wondering whether it
>> does make sense for you to join forces with msysgit instead of
>> creating a fork?
> 1) It makes sense to purge msysgit and start over. See mingwGitDevEnv
> [2] (by msysgit developer).

I would be happy to see you contributing to the mingGitDevEnv project.

> 2)  I only used msys due to my
> unawareness of msys2 at the time of  initial WinGit hacking. Due to
> massive Unicode-related msys troubles, ansient perl and svn, I plan
> to switch to msys2 soon.
>> there are no 64 bit binaries shipped with msysgit is that nobody
>> needed them
> That's wrong. Google for 'windows x64 git' or 'msysgit x64'. People
> need it. There's even an issue [3] (stalled several years ago) in
> msysgit tracker. After all, I needed it.
> [1] [2]:
> [3]:

Actually I would need a 64bit git for windows too. The problem here is
that of course everyone likes to have it, but nobody so desperatley what
he/she will start to make the test suite pass.
And before the test suite passes I don't think it is a good idea to use
it in production.
So for my part I decided to first get mingwGitDevEnv going and then
start thinking about a 64bit version.

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