Hi Heiko,

On Sat, 19 Apr 2014, Heiko Voigt wrote:

> Regarding mingwGitDevEnv[2]: That is a project started by Sebastian who
> also contributes to msysgit (and Git for Windows).

In fact, Sebastian is not only a contributor. He is co-maintainer of Git
for Windows.

> It eventually can (and probably should) be a successor of the current
> situation [...]

Sebastian hinted at it in many a discussion on the msysgit mailing list
(where those people who are serious about Git for Windows development hang
out, hint, hint, hint) that mingwGitDevEnv was born out of the needs
identified while maintaining Git for Windows.

Our tentative plan is to switch with Git 2.0 (unless the timing turns out
to be unfortunate). We have to put some more effort into mingwGitDevEnv
first, though: due to the differences between the old MSys committed into
msysgit.git repository on the one hand, and the MSys environment
initialized and updated by mingwGitDevEnv on the other hand, some of the
tests do not pass yet. (I also would like to look into getting the
performance improvement Hannes Sixt achieved by his patch [*1*] into
mingwGitDevEnv's Git installation, too.)

Despite the common lack of time and of developers willing to spend time to
contribute to the Git for Windows effort, I think we are well on track,
and it will be pretty exciting when we switch to mingwGitDevEnv-based
development of Git for Windows!

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