Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> > Commit 26cd160 (rebase -i: use a better reflog message) tried to produce
> > a better reflog message, however, it seems a statement was introduced by
> > mistake.
> >
> > 'comment_for_reflog start' basically overides the GIT_REFLOG_ACTION we
> > just set.

> So, one needs to reset $GIT_REFLOG_ACTION to what it used to be if is it
> to be used later. However, it seems to me that the "comment_for_reflog
> start" is used only for this checkout command. If so, there's no need
> for the "comment_for_reflog start" before the if statement either.

Exactly. But if this variable is only meant for this command, it should be
`VAR=VAL command`, that would make it clear without the need of a comment.

Felipe Contreras
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