Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:
> > ... there are _already_ hooks without pre/post.
> Like commit-msg?  Yes, it would have been nicer if it were named
> verify-commit-message or something.

No it wouldn't. I can use the commit-msg hook to change the commit message and
to absolutely no verification, so verify-commit-message would be misleading.

Maybe you would like modify-and-or-verify-commit-message which would be
correct, but I wouldn't, I like short-and-sweet, and commit-msg is just that.

> Old mistakes are harder to change because of inertia.  It is not a
> good excuse to knowingly make a new mistake to add new exceptions
> that the users need to check documentations for, is it?

That's a nifty trick; label something a mistake, and then it suddenly becomes

No, it's not a mistake, first it has to be proven to be mistake and I haven't
seen any arguments that try to do so.

Besides it's a red herring, you said such a name would be original and I've
just proved that it's not original, so the originality is not a concern.

> > And it's not confusing,
> A simple fact that Ilya asked the question tells us otherwise ;-)

It's not any more confusing than these:


When does this happen? Can I return an error?


Again when does it happen? What does the input contains? The whole patch? 
Including the message?


Totally confused.


What is the difference between these? Doesn't pre-commit contains the message 


Before receiving what?


Updating what? When is it called? Can I cancel something?

The fact that somebody asked a question doesn't make a name confusing.

> I personally do not see an immediate need for post-update-branch,
> but if the new hook is about intervening an operation,

It's not about that, I can remove that feature if it would make you happier.

> Otherwise it would be impossible to later add "post-update-branch"

Which is never going to happen.

I'm still waiting for anybody to imagine any reason why we might want

Felipe Contreras
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