Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> >> I have a branch which should always be recompiled on update;
>> >> post-update-branch would be a good place for that.
>> >
>> > And why would pre-update-branch not serve that purpose?
>> Because the code that needs to be compiled is not yet in the workspace
> And it won't be in 'post-update-branch' either.

Then you are using a very odd definition of "post update"

>  % git checkout master
>  % git branch feature-a stable
>  <- update-branch hook will be called here
> The hook will get 'feature-a' as the first argument, but the code in the
> workspace would correspond to 'master'; the checked out branch (pre or post).

Then the hooks should be called 'pre-branch', 'post-branch'; there is no
"update" involved.

The hook I need is actually "post-merge", since "merge" is the command that
updates the workspace.

Sorry for the noise.
-- Stephe
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