Felipe Contreras wrote:
>>David Lang wrote:
>> agreed, of all the things that people complain
about regarding learning git,
>> the fact that the commands are words instead of
cryptic 2 letter
>> abberviations is not one of them.
>It is when they start to use Git seriously and type
them a lot.

Felipe, I think you refute your own point here, because people _learning_
git aren't power-users. They might be one day, but not that day.

If power-users are complaining that "commit" is too long, but aren't
setting their own aliases, it's quite possible they just don't know about
aliases. Because if they _did_ know about aliases, they'd set one.
Even a shell alias,
not nessecarily a git alias.

I submit to you (with the backing of all my prior experience contributing to
git... Which is too say none) that the problem is not that git has a
single, good,
obvious and memorable commit command.

The problem is that those specific power-users don't know to use aliases.

James Denholm
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