Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> James Denholm wrote:
>> Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> >This is a false dichotomy; there aren't just two kinds
>> > of Git users.
>> >
>> > There is such a category of Git users who are not
>> > fresh-out-of-the-boat, yet not power users either.
>> Oh, I didn't mean to suggest a dichotomy of any kind. However these are the
>> two groups (I suggest) are the most immediately relevant - one calls for
>> change, and the other would be negatively impacted.
> Nobody would be negatively impacted. Who would be impacted negatively
> by having default aliases?

The people having to read and understand scripts written in the
expectation of default aliases.

> And I have showed they are not problems.

You managed to convince yourself, so feel free to put aliases in every
Git you use and distribute.

David Kastrup
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