James Denholm wrote:
> Felipe Contreras wrote:
> > It is when they start to use Git seriously and type them a lot.
> Felipe, I think you refute your own point here, because people _learning_ git
> aren't power-users. They might be one day, but not that day. If power-users
> are complaining that "commit" is too long, but aren't setting their own
> aliases,

This is a false dichotomy; there aren't just two kinds of Git users.

There is such a category of Git users who are not fresh-out-of-the-boat, yet
not power users either.

> it's quite possible they just don't know about aliases.  Because if they
> _did_ know about aliases, they'd set one.

Unless the aliases are already there by default.

And if default aliases were such a bad idea, why do most (all?) version control
systems out there have them?

Felipe Contreras
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