Erik Faye-Lund <> writes:

> We're using Curl 7.30.0 in msysGit (and thus also Git for Windows), so
> we should be able to include it. However, we do not have curl-config
> installed.

Hmmm, between 2.0-rc0 and 2.0-rc1 there is 61a64fff (Makefile: use
curl-config to determine curl flags, 2014-04-15) merged already,
which makes this assumption and a claim based on that assumption:

    curl-config should always be installed alongside a curl
    distribution, and its purpose is to provide flags for building
    against libcurl, so use it instead of guessing flags and
    dependent libraries.

which may make things worse for you guys, unless you are explicitly
setting CURLDIR and other Makefile variables.

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