David Kastrup wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Contributors don't have any responsibility to champion their
> > patches.  It is pro bono work.
> No, that's just the appearance that should be upheld in the higher
> society.  It's ok to get paid for work on Git as long as you don't
> mention it in public.

The word "contribute" implies doing something that was not necessary.
If somebody is paying you to do something, then it's not a
contribution, it is simply your duty.

That's why I used the word "contributors", to separate the people that
don't have a responsability, and the ones that do.

> Even while the ones getting the benefits from your work will not
> feel an obligation to make it worth your while, there is a
> difference in satisfaction between getting your work trashed and
> getting it used.

I don't know why this keeps poping up in the thread, but it is
starting to seem to me that you are under the impression that I'm
somehow unable to get my patches merged.

Look at the list of contributors of the past year, see who is #2:


I know what kind of patches can get in, and what patches can't (the
ones that do any kind of relevant change). I know that from

Felipe Contreras
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