David Kastrup wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:
> > David Kastrup wrote:
> >
> >> Even while the ones getting the benefits from your work will not
> >> feel an obligation to make it worth your while, there is a
> >> difference in satisfaction between getting your work trashed and
> >> getting it used.
> >
> > I don't know why this keeps poping up in the thread, but it is
> > starting to seem to me that you are under the impression that I'm
> > somehow unable to get my patches merged.
> >
> > Look at the list of contributors of the past year, see who is #2:
> >
> > https://www.ohloh.net/p/git/contributors?query=&sort=commits_12_mo
> >
> > I know what kind of patches can get in, and what patches can't (the
> > ones that do any kind of relevant change). I know that from
> > experience.
> Well, there you have it.  The ones that do any kind of relevant change
> are the ones that need thinking about and consideration.  And when you
> are so verbose about them that
> a) you are getting on people's nerves
> b) nobody else finds something worth saying that you did not already say
> then the net effect is that it feels to the person in question he's
> mainly doing you (and not all that many others) a favor by investing the
> work for properly considering it and its consequences.

This is the last time I say it: this is demonstrably false.

You claim that relevant changes can be made if the submitter is not so verbose
(and less aggressive and what not).

This is obviously not the case. Show me any change of importance done in the
last two years, hell, make it four. And by change I mean something that was one
way before, and was another way after.

There is nothing. It doesn't matter how these changes are presented. Changes
are not welcome, doesn't matter who is championing them, or how. Period.

> At any rate, we are in a phase supposed to be shortly before the release of
> 2.0.

This is a red herring. All the patches I'm talking about were sent well before
2.0 was imminent, six months to one year ago.

Even more, I'm challenging you to find an important change since even four years
ago. You won't find any.

> But it might do so regarding 2.1.

No, it won't. Neither 3.0.

Felipe Contreras
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