Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> David Kastrup wrote:
>> Well, there you have it.  The ones that do any kind of relevant change
>> are the ones that need thinking about and consideration.  And when you
>> are so verbose about them that
>> a) you are getting on people's nerves
>> b) nobody else finds something worth saying that you did not already say
>> then the net effect is that it feels to the person in question he's
>> mainly doing you (and not all that many others) a favor by investing
>> the work for properly considering it and its consequences.
> This is the last time I say it: this is demonstrably false.

Feelings are not categorizable as "demonstrably false".

> You claim that relevant changes can be made if the submitter is not so
> verbose (and less aggressive and what not).
> This is obviously not the case. Show me any change of importance done
> in the last two years, hell, make it four. And by change I mean
> something that was one way before, and was another way after.

The default behavior of "git push".  Colorized diffs.  "git add dir/"
can now remove files.  "git gc --aggressive" has been sanitized.

David Kastrup
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