brian m. carlson wrote:
> At work, we have a workflow where we merge topic branches as
> non-fast-forward, so that we have a record of the history (including
> who reviewed the code), but when we want to just update our local
> branches, we always want fast-forward:
>   git checkout maintenance-branch
>   # Update our maintenance branch to the latest from the main repo.
>   git pull --ff-only

If we make it the default, you only need to type `git pull`.

>   git pull --no-ff developer-remote topic-branch

I don't see anything wrong with having to type --no-ff if that's what
you really want.

>   git push main-repo HEAD

main-repo/maintenance-branch should be the upstream of
maintenance-branch, in which hase:

% git push

Felipe Contreras
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