Philip Oakley wrote:
> The point that there is no easy solution to an updated default pull 
> action that is right for everybody, straight out of the box, I think is 
> now fairly obvious, a summarised by Marc. I certainly avoid pull.

Yes, I avoid it too, and quite a lot of people.

> My 'solution', if it could be called that, would be that at the point of 
> switch over, after a period of release note warning and then code 
> warning, that the plain 'git pull' would not even do the no-ff, but 
> would simply refuse to do anything...

I still haven't heard a single argument why a fast-forward by default
wouldn't be desirable.

Remember that we are talking about inexperienced users here. Experienced
users can simply do `git pull --no-ff` or do the right configuration.

The problem we want to track is newcomers doing merges (real ones) by

Nobody ever complained about somebody doing a fast-forward by mistake.

I think a non-fast-forward warning by default, and eventually rejecting
them is the most sensible approach.

Felipe Contreras
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