Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> David Lang wrote:
>> note that this is one person taking the "I don't see any commits from
>> you so your opinion doesn't count" attitude.
> Wrong. I said it doesn't count "for the project".

There are a number of commits from me that actually count.  A few old
core performance ones might have actually have affected my carbon
footprint noticeably.  The one currently in pu will probably not be
called often enough for that but will at least have practical

> Do you honestly believe Junio cares about what some random guy on the
> list thinks about default aliases? No.

Putting aside my code contributions: Git is a comparatively small
project, so if the main project you are working on with Git is Git, your
experience is limited.  So yes, input from people who are _not_ heavy
Git developers is important, since the heavy Git developers do not get
to see the heavy Git use cases a lot.

> It's actually the exact opposite. I don't care what is the track
> record of the people in the discussion. If their argument is good,
> their argument is good.

More like if they are around, they are worth getting plastered with your

> It's the others that focus on the carisma and credentials of the
> people in the discussion, rather than the arguments.

I think you are confusing inertia with resistance.

David Kastrup
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