James Denholm <nod.h...@gmail.com> writes:

> Felipe Contreras wrote:
>>David Lang wrote:
>>> the vast majority of people here do not take that attitude.
>>It's actually the exact opposite. I don't care what is the track record
>>of the people in the discussion.
> Ah, yes, like that discussion we once had where you totally
> didn't run `git log | grep James Denholm` at one point to demonstrate
> that I had not yet made any
> contributions,instead of actually engaging in discussion. Oh,
> wait.

It's called an "ad hominem attack", and it's a very common and very
effective rhetorical device.


> The problem, though, is that time and time again you've
> shown that you value your own arguments to the exclusion
> of all others. You can't tell if someone else's argument is
>  good, because it runs against yours, and yours must be
> right because you hold it.

If he considered others capable of independent thought, would he call
out their imperviousness to rhetorics as a deficiency?

David Kastrup
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