On 4 May 2014 19:51:09 GMT+10:00, Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> 
>James Denholm wrote:
>> Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> >David Lang wrote:
>> >> the vast majority of people here do not take that attitude.
>> >
>> >It's actually the exact opposite. I don't care what is the track
>> >of the people in the discussion.
>> Ah, yes, like that discussion we once had where you totally didn't
>> `git log | grep James Denholm` at one point to demonstrate that I had
>> not yet made any contributions,instead of actually engaging in
>> discussion. Oh, wait.
>You mean this thread[1] in which I sent 14 mails directly to you? Yeah,
>I din't engage in that discussion at all!

Yeah, you didn't. Instead you danced, but I guess it's
really all said and done now so eh, have your point.

>> >If their argument is good, their argument is good.
>> The problem, though, is that time and time again you've shown that
>> value your own arguments to the exclusion of all others. You can't
>> tell if someone else's argument is good, because it runs against
>> yours, and yours must be right because you hold it.
>I can show you evidence of how that's a blatant lie. Just two days ago
>changed my mind because somebody provided a good argument.

And I can show you evidence of you being
indiscourseable on the topic of your pet proposals,
but I won't, because you're indiscourseable on the
meta similarly.

>But I'm not going to bother any more with you, you are just spreading
>lies and tainting the discussion.

Well, maybe we'll see what other folks think.

James Denholm.
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