>> Thanks for the explanation. I think it underlines well the A)
>> technical issues (quality commits) and the B) social issues (ability
>> to communicate in a friendly way & respond constructively), which we
>> discovered are both *essential* for contributing to git.
> I'm not entirely convinced of that: there is something akin to drop-dead
> gorgeous code: code that is so well done that it would not matter with
> regard to its maintenance whether or not its author dropped dead because
> it's both done well as well as documented in a manner where the original
> author could not offer significant additional help.

I think this only means that you can get away with B issues if A's
quality is very very very high, which doens't happen very often. And I
doubt that you will be able to get away with it for long anyway, at
some point some mechanism will be put in place so the downsides of B
aren't visible to everyone... for example with the patches being sent
to one person only and this person relays it to the list while
filtering B's issues.

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