Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> Philippe Vaucher wrote:


>> > Do you feel Felipe is in control of what you label bad behavior?  Do you
>> > feel you are in control over how you react to his behavior?
>> I feel that Felipe cannot control this (or decided not to),
> I am pretty much in control of my behavior. Those who know me
> personally know that I *never* get angry.

You are missing the point.  The point is not what effect your behavior
has on you but what it has on others.  As you are unable to attribute
feelings to others (like you appear unable to attribute reason to them),
you are unable to control it.

It's like repairing clockwork when your hands are numb and have never
been otherwise.

"When something does not work, apply extra force" does not work with
clockwork.  It does not work with people, either.

> The problem is that what you label as "bad behavior" I do not.

It does not matter what you or others want to label it.  The effects are
there anyway.

> So if somebody convinced me that my behavior is indeed bad, I would
> certainly change it, but I do not think it's "bad".

What effect your behavior has on others is not dependent on what you
think about it.

If you convinced yourself to be standing perfectly balanced and find
yourself falling, there is no point in not catching yourself before
smashing your head open just because you _know_ you have been standing
perfectly upright.

David Kastrup
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